Terms and Conditions

Rental Agreement Includes:
• Having your wedding at Crooked River Weddings means we are opening our home to you. Our staff consists of our closest family and friends. You may even see our children around helping!
• Seating capacity in the barn is 350 guests. Additional seating may be available depending on event set-up configuration and is decided upon an individual basis. We reserve the right to re-configure seating to maximize capacity.
• Parking is available and plentiful.
• All Candles are required to have glass shields or hurricane lamps with a base of some kind to protect the linen. No open flames are allowed.
• Smoking is prohibited in the barn and ceremony area including areas closely surrounding the barn. Please inform your guests before they arrive.
• Due to the impact that music has both on events and on our neighborhood we require your event entertainment to consult with us on the day before the event. We reserve the right to ask the the music be turned down during the event.
• Alcoholic Beverages may be served at Crooked River Weddings in accordance with all local and state laws.
• All Alcoholic Beverages must arranged and dispensed by a licensed bartender who has been approved by Crooked River Weddings. All beverage service ends one hour before the end of the scheduled event. Crooked River reserves the right to discontinue alcohol service during the event.
• Your guaranteed attendance is required two weeks prior to your scheduled event. If you do not provide us with a guaranteed count Crooked River will use the estimated number of guests provided at the time of initial registration as the final count for rental of barn set-up and billing.
• Access to Crooked River for set-up, delivery, etc. is determined on an individual basis depending on your needs and our availability.
• All arrangements for caterers, photographer and other services must be finalized with Crooked River at least 4 weeks prior to your event.A non-refundable $2,000 deposit is due at registration.
(Second Payment ) Fifty percent of the estimated payment is due 90 days prior to event. Cancellations made less than 90 days before the event forfeit both the initial deposit and the second payment.
(Final Payment)Full payment of your guarantee is due 7 days prior to the scheduled event.
All prices are subject to a ten percent gratuity charge depending on who you use for vendor services.Liability/Damage
1. Crooked River Weddings reserves the right to inspect and control all private functions. Liability for and damage to premises will be the responsibility of and charged to the sponsoring person. The party in charge of the function is responsible for the conduct of all that attend.
2. Crooked River will not assume responsibility for the damage of loss of any merchandise or articles left on the premises prior to and/ or during the scheduled event.
3. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Crooked River Wedding and its employees from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses including attorney fees arising out of , or resulting from claims by or judgment from the rental of Crooked River Weddings. With your deposit and signature, you contract Crooked River Weddings for the use of the farm and agree to all of the specified contract information.